Organic Applewood Smoked Sugar-Free Bacon-Organic-8 oz

The hand crafted and natural wood smoked scent of our organic, sugar-free, paleo friendly bacon is more boldly flavorful than one might expect.


They start as lean pork bellies that are carefully selected from Canadian family-farms, and hand-trimmed by our butchers to exacting specifications. This sugar-free bacon offers the best of both worlds for health conscious consumers, without sacrificing flavor.

Organic Pork, Water, Sea Salt, and Natural Flavorings.

We recommend laying the bacon flat on a flat cookie sheet (with ridges to catch the grease) and cooking at 375 ° F for 12 - 20 minutes, or until desired crispiness is achieved. For pan frying, place bacon in a warm frying pan and turn the slices over occasionally for 8 -12 minutes.To Keep: Refrigerate immediately after opening. Product is best if used within 7 days or freeze unopened package for up to 1-year.

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    Baked Oysters with Bacon and Leeks
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