Some might say there are two ways of doing things: wrong and right. We tend to agree, and strongly favor doing things the right way – with hard work, integrity, and respect.

From the earliest days of our business, each choice we’ve made has been fueled by what we truly believe is the right thing to do, not only in how we make food but also in how we treat the people who work here and in the community we call home. Whenever possible, we’ve put our principles to work revitalizing downtown Claremont and contributing to a vibrant community that has welcomed us as a neighbor for generations.

Doing the right thing doesn’t stop with the human aspects of our business. North Country Smokehouse is a member of the Free Farmed program, which assures proper care and
handling of livestock. Our belief is that better conditions and humane treatment directly result in a premium quality product. Look for the “Certified Humane” mark on many of
our products.

The rest of our ingredients are also chosen with an eye toward sustainability and supporting the local economy. While “buy local” is a phrase that’s gaining mainstream momentum, it’s a standard we’ve always practiced. We hand-select every ingredient from New England sources we know and trust – hand-trimmed pork from pigs that are raised humanely on a family-owned farm at the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway; rich, sweet maple syrup from the Sullivan farm here in New Hampshire; real Vermont cheddar; and local hardwoods, fruits, vegetables, and spices whose natural flavors simply can’t be imitated. The closer the farm, the fresher the ingredients…and the more we can play a part in making sure the farms that dot the countryside around our smokehouse can carry on the same family traditions we’ve enjoyed for nearly 100 years.

“Integrity, Generosity Define North Country Smokehouse Owner Mike Satzow, the 2009 Richard L. Knowlton Innovation Award Honoree” - Marketwire, December 2008

“…exemplary, light, fragrant and juicy with a touch of sweetness…North Country Smokehouse is responsible for these exceptionally good smoked meats from New England.” - Nancy Jenkins, New York Times