Part of what makes our sausages so special is that every ingredient is top quality, authentic, and chosen with care. Filled with coarsely ground, lean meats in unobtrusive, natural casings, each robust link is bursting with its own well-rounded palate of distinctive, natural seasonings. Our full menu of ethnic European and regional American recipes range from pungent old-world favorites to lean and subtle poultry sausages, each celebrating the melting pot that defines our country and the pride of the people make them. Each variety arrives fully cooked and ready to savor.


Cooking Instructions:

Grilling: grill sausages, turn occationally for 7-14 minutes

Steaming: place in steamer basket for approximately 15 minutes

Broiling: place under pre-heated broiler for 12 minutes turning once

Frying: Place in a fry pan with vegetable oil for approximatley 12 minutes turning occasionally

“For the Super Bowl, I made a “Saints Gumbo” with chicken, okra…and your andouille sausage. Your sausage is better than what I can buy in my home state of Mississippi. My husband’s friends all wish they had married me cause of that gumbo.” - Katharyn


"Back in early April, my husband and I (and our two Portuguese Water Dogs) traveled up to Claremont from Hooksett, NH for our annual pilgrimage for a holiday ham and other assorted goodies.  During our visit, you were very gracious and gave us a package of your hot dogs to try.  You asked that I let you know what we thought and I am here to report they are awesome!  Once again, your products did not disappoint.  Tomorrow I am having co-workers to my home and on the menu is a duck quesadilla.  I have no doubt they will enjoy it and I'll be sure to let them know where the meat comes from." -  Mary