Smokehouse Sampler Package

Words can't adequately describe the blissful, smoky flavors of our entire bacon collection. Since many people have a hard time choosing between our cob-smoked, applewood-smoked, peppered, and Canadian bacons, we created a sampler pack that includes a one-pound package of sliced bacon in each signature flavor so you or an extremely lucky recipient can savor the unique character of all four varieties.


There’s something about the rich aroma of our applewood smoked or our cob smoked bacons sizzling in a skillet that draws people to the kitchen faster than most anything else. Ours has received national acclaim from the New York Times, Saveur Magazine, and the finest hotels around the country for its hand-crafted, meaty flavor and a natural wood smoked scent that signals its supreme quality.

Sampler pack includes 1 lb package of sliced bacon in each signature flavor.

No Recipe Available.

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