Original Boneless Black Forest Half Ham - 1, 4-5 lb.

Exceptionally lean pork is selected and brined in a secret blend of spices and maple syrup for days. Once the curing process is completed the Hams are placed in our German smokehouses for hours to in order to deliver a rich smokiness that Chefs search the world over for. The density of the smoke complements the sweetness of the ham to create a truly spectacular ham.


This fully cooked, double smoked, applewood smoked Boneless Ham is an American Classic.

Pork cured with water, salt, cane and maple sugar, maple syrup, dextrose, sodium phosphate, vinegar, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, spice extractives, caramel color.

Our hams are fully cooked. To warm, place the unwrapped ham in a preheated 325 ° F oven for approximately 20-25 minutes per pound or until the ham reaches an internal temperature of 165° F. Take the ham out of the oven and let it rest for several minutes prior to carving.To Keep: Refrigerate immediately after opening. Product is best if used within 7 days or freeze unopened package for up to one year.

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    Mamaliga Balls with Smoked Ham
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