3 Gourmet Takes On Your Favorite Comfort Foods

We’re foodies from way back. Our love for fresh ingredients and local flavor keeps us close to the region's best restaurants, resorts and cafes who use our products in their kitchens. Sometimes, they share their mouth-watering creations with us, putting their own twist on classic comfort foods that are a staple in New England. Since food is better shared with friends, we thought you might enjoy crafting some of these dishes for your own table.

The best chefs know the secret is simple. An exceptional meal is all about the ingredients. That’s why we use pure NH made maple syrup from Mac’s Maple Farm to create our siganture smoked bacon, sausage and hams. It’s also why the chefs of these three restaurants choose the elements they do.

Take a look at these local recipes and give them a try. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blof or social channels.

Classic Mac and Cheese

The all time comfort food classic teaches us that the simpler a meal is, the more of an influence ingredients play on flavor. We don’t claim to know the recipe for the all-time greatest mac & cheese ever invented but if we were to make a list of most valuable mac and cheese players, it probably wouldn’t look much different from Chef Nessad’s lineup: Cabot Butter, King Arthur Flour, Kimball Brook Farm Dairy, and North Country Smokehouse Bacon.

Mac & Cheese Recipe

Traditional Ham & Cheese Croissant

This jaw-dropper came across our food feed not too long ago. In this spin, Birch Tree Bread Company pairs their freshly made croissant with our Applewood Smoked Boneless Ham and Vermont's own Cabot Cheddar. Hearty, warm and truly tasty, there's no better way to start your day.

Ham & Cheese Croissant Recipe

Fresh Cobb Salad

Of all the salads in the world, Cobb is the most comfort-driven, packed with protein and healthy fats, thereby earning a spot on our list. Mont Vert Cafe sources their Cobb Salad ingredients from yours truly, Black River Produce, and Red Hen Bakery. This salad deserves to be seen, complete with our Certified Humane Fruitwood Smoked Bacon crumbles.

Cobb Salad Recipe