North Country Smokehouse set for expansion

North Country Smokehouse, a 4th generation producer of artisanal meats and cheeses since 1912, is set for expansion following the recent acquisition by Canadian company, duBreton. The purchase was the next natural step in a long-time relationship between the two companies who partnered in their pursuit of providing quality meat to consumers for the last 15 years. The purchase resulted in North Country’s expansion, with a new 67,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Claremont, NH, complete with leading industry equipment. “The company is using modern machinery to replicate the old-world flavor for which we’re well-known.” says Mike Satzow, former owner of North Country Smokehouse. “We chose to build the new plant in Claremont, NH for several reasons. Our long-time relationship with the local community and the land are very important. We recognize that the quality of the air and water impact our products. We believe keeping the plant in Claremont will ensure our meats maintain the same flavor our customers have grown to expect.” The additional space in the new facility has also allowed North Country Smokehouse to enhance their food safety technology by utilizing the most innovative practices to deliver savory products consumers can trust.

The acquisition could not have come at a better time with trends in non-GMO, certified humane and organic products on the rise. duBreton is owned by a farm family who has made it their mission to raise the industry standard; committed to animal welfare, the company prides itself with raising their animals humanely and with respect. This has certainly been a contributing factor in North Country’s long-time success, with more than 80% of their business coming from their smoked bacon, which has been voted “World’s Best Bacon” by Men’s Journal, as well as having earned various other accolades. “We are among the very few farm to table producers” states Satzow. “We know exactly how the animals are raised and processed. We can truly control the quality of the product throughout the entire lifecycle and it’s a difference you can taste”.

Acquisition Highlights:

  • Both companies will continue to operate independently from their respective locations.
  • The acquisition is win-win for both companies, and will allow both companies to leverage their assets, spend more time on research and to develop new product offerings.
  • North Country will expand their offerings to include all-natural, certified humane and organic products.
  • The new facility is being led by a growing team of more than 50 employees.