Perfect Pairings: Craft Beer and Sausage Combos

In New England, February is still deep winter. Pay no mind to the groundhog: it’s still another month before we get the slightest taste of spring, and hearty winter foods are all we want to eat.

Harsh winters are in our DNA so we embrace all the season has to offer. New Englanders have a unique sense of artisanship, respect for tradition, and strong values. We attribute some of that to overcoming the obstacles that come with a long winter. As New England natives ourselves, we share in stubborness required to do a job and do it well.

We stick to our guns, making sure our sausages are hand-crafted and smoked low and slow, true to Old World traditions. Long gone are the days spent standing over simmering stove tops to get the rich flavors you’re craving. Our authentic sausage recipes are fully cooked, meaning you can get the mouthwatering taste you crave in less than 15 minutes, simply heat & serve.

New England is a mecca for craft beer. We searched our favorite local brews to find the perfect pairing for our savory sausages: Here are three matches made in heaven - at least we think so.

Zero Gravity Green State Lager and Chorizo with Brandy Sausage

Lost Nation Craft Beer and Whiskey Fennel Sausage

This crisp, fresh, and clean pilsner strikes a perfect balance in washing down the Mexican spices and subtle heat found in the Chorizo. Red pepper, cumin, and other Mexican spices are blended to conjure up some southwestern heat. The Brandy softens the profile just slightly, creating a well-rounded flavor.

The pilsners easy drinkability is the perfect refreshment for our zesty chorizo.

Stone Corral Chocolate Maple Porter with Andouille Cajun Style Sausage

Stone Coral Chocolate Maple Porter and Chorizo with Brandy Sausage

For those with a sweet tooth, we introduce the Maple Porter and Cajun Sausage. The Andouille is both our best-selling and spiciest sausage – delivering and authentic Louisiana flavor that combines black, white, and red pepper spice, we smoke our sausages for hours on end, lending a deep, rich flavor.

Our spiciest sausage profile pairs with the delicately sweet, chocolate maple notes found in Stone Corral’s Porter. This beer is dark and rich, but not heavy. Made with fair-trade cacao nibs from Middlebury Chocolates to keep it extra local. The balance between spice and sweetness is inexplicable.

Lost Nation Mosaic IPA with the Whiskey Fennel Sausage

Lost Nation Craft Beer and Whiskey Fennel Sausage

The juicy fruit flavors and a subtle hop bitterness in this IPA plays nicely with the distinct flavor found in this tasty sausage. Our Whiskey Fennel variety is warm and aromatic, pairing the subtle, licorice notes of fennel with the distinct flavor of Tennessee whiskey.

Lost Nation’s IPA is brewed with Mosaic hops, which mean a clean and crisp flavor balanced with just the right amount of bitterness. This combination provides all the bold flavor you could ever ask for.

We’re proud to collaborate with local brewmasters to bring the best possible products to the table. What are your favorite North Country Smokehouse pairings?