Spiral Sliced Ham - Three Winning Recipes

Time-Honored Traditions

Here at North Country Smokehouse, we’re practical people. We know there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken: That’s why we use traditional, family recipes passed down through generations. Another thing we know is that time is precious, and the more of it we can spend with our families and loved ones, the better. With that being said, we’ll keep this brief.

With a low and slow smoking process for all of our products, North Country’s focus is on timeless flavor above all else. While we craft our recipes the old-fashioned way, that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of efficiency. If we can prepare one meal and take away a week’s worth of leftovers, we’ll do it every time. After all, our products are hand-crafted to be the backbone for countless recipes.

Take our Spiral Sliced Ham, for instance. It’s well known for its classic, smoky-sweet flavor, glazed with a swirl of New England maple syrup and brown sugar. One of our most popular products, this cut is juicy, tender, smoked to perfection, and we’re always left wanting more once it’s gone. The message here? Don’t shy away from buying the 18-pound package, because we have three recipes to make the most out of this ham, and each one rivals the others.

Let’s Start with Dinner.

spiral sliced ham

Begin by Cover the spiral ham with tin foil to prevent the meat from drying out. Place the ham in a preheated 325-degree oven for approximately 12-minutes per lb. A whole spiral ham will take approximately 3 hours to cook. After the ham has been removed from the oven, let sit for several minutes prior to serving. Don't be afraid to toss in your favorite vegetables alongside the ham, they will take on the savory sweetness of the meat for a perfect accompaniment.

The Sammy: Breakfast of Champions

After a night’s sleep, you’ll wake up the next morning ready for another delicious meal. Take the Spiral Ham out of the fridge and fry up a few slices on the griddle for a tried-and-true breakfast sandwich. Fresh eggs, cheese, and a flaky croissant complete the picture. This is what we call the extra hammy breakfast sammy. It’s the breakfast of Champions and doesn't take much time so you can move on with your day.

ham and egg breakfast sandwich

Lunchtime: Saving the Best for Last

Now, lunch is quickly approaching and you’ve worked up an appetite. Lucky for you, we’ve saved the best for last. Use what’s left of the spiral ham for a world-class Cuban Sandwich.
Pile it high on warm bread with swiss cheese, dill pickles, and toast it to perfection. It’s gooey, crunchy, and pretty much perfect. Nothing says comfort food quite like this.

spiral sliced ham

There you have it: three ways to eat our spiral sliced ham. No drab leftovers here, each one of these delicious recipes is fit to be the hero.