Maple cured, moist, and exceptionally flavorful, our lush hams and loins are reminiscent of old-style charcuterie that can only come from slow, deliberate preparation methods perfected to enhance flavor rather than mask it. All of our lean pork comes from the same family farm in nearby Montreal, where healthy, happy pigs are raised using only the best handling practices.

Once the pork arrives at our smokehouse, expert butchers trim each piece to our exacting specifications, slowly cure the cuts for days, then hang them in our smokehouses. Smoking at higher temperatures over genuine fruitwood chips imparts a wonderful balance of tender sweetness and smoke that satisfies the most demanding connoisseur of quality smoked meats. Our hams are so moist and flavorful that we don’t need to add the extra water you’ll find in supermarket brands. We’ve heard from our customers that they prefer to serve our hams at room temperature, and often include them as part of outdoor “mobile feasts.”