There’s something about the rich aroma of our smoked bacon sizzling in a skillet that draws people to the kitchen faster than most anything else. Our bacon has received national acclaim from the New York Times, Saveur Magazine, and the finest hotels around the country for its hand-crafted, meaty flavor and a natural wood smoked scent that signals its supreme quality. All of our wood smoked bacons start as lean pork bellies that are carefully selected from Canadian family farms and hand-trimmed by our butchers to exacting specifications. Then the slabs are marinated in dark maple syrup brine and double smoked to create hearty, thick-cut bacon that’s more boldly flavorful than you’d expect. We smoke our meats lazily, at low temperatures resulting in a tender, flavorful finish. As a featured ingredient in a savory signature dish or crisply seared on its own, our bacon is some of the best you’ll ever try.