About Our Company

Three generations of authentic flavor

My grandfather, Abraham Satzow, was an old world butcher who set up a horse-drawn wooden cart and began selling meat to his New Hampshire neighbors nearly 100 years ago. His careful attention to craftsmanship and traditional European techniques created quite a following, and no matter how many orders he received, he vowed never to sell a sausage or cut of meat to a customer unless it was absolutely the highest possible quality. Today, as our smokehouse looks out over the same New England countryside, our passion for the best smoked meats and cheeses follows closely in his footsteps.

All of our products are handmade and slow-smoked in small batches by our expert butchers, wurstmachers, and smokemasters, who never use artificial fillers or flavors. As one of the last remaining family-owned smokehouses in the country, we honor the high quality and integrity of other local producers by using fresh ingredients from farms, cheesemakers, orchards, and sugarmakers nearby. Find out more about our artisinal process here.

While the smokers are running, we also take the time to put our values – quality, patience, and doing the right thing – to work outside of the smokehouse. Our crews and contributions have helped revitalize downtown Claremont, NH, a vibrant community that has welcomed us as a neighbor for generations. We’re also a member of the Free Farmed program, which assures proper care and handling of livestock; look for the “certified humane” mark on a growing number of our products. As companies across America turn their focus back to buying local, creating jobs, supporting communities, and making ethical choices, we’re proud that we’ve been doing these very same things for a century and counting.