Artisanal History

My grandfather, Abraham Satzow, began selling smoked meats from a horse-drawn wooden cart nearly 100 years ago. He was a butcher who used old world European techniques to carefully coax perfectly blended flavors from the best ingredients available. Today, our smokehouse sits on the same piece of lush New England countryside where his butcher shop once stood, and our passion for authentic taste hasn’t changed either.

As one of the few remaining family-run smokehouses in the United States, we’ve carried on a proud tradition of pure, honest flavor to make some of the most memorable smoked meats and cheeses you’ve ever tasted. Everything we make is real – you won’t find fillers, MSG, artificial flavors, liquid smoke, or dyes in this smokehouse. Instead, our recipes for ethnic delicacies rely on fresh ingredients from the land and the old world pride of true craftsmanship that brings them to life.

This pride takes time, however; flavor this good can’t be rushed. That’s why we do everything the old fashioned way. All of our pork comes from a specialty breed of pigs with similar genetics to the duroc, an American domestic breed known for its leanness and flavor. The pigs are raised on a family farm in nearby Montreal, and come to us through suppliers who could tell you as much about the farm and the pigs as we can. Our expert butchers still hand-trim each lean cut of pork, then set them to marinate and cure in dark maple syrup and spices for days instead of minutes. Sausages in natural casings carry the unmistakable taste of Macintosh apples, aged cheddar, lively herbs, and vibrant wines and vinegars. Then the meat is smoked in small batches over glowing embers for up to ten hours, far longer than average. Our German-made smokers run on chunks of high-quality hardwood to create a more intense, humid smoke than the sawdust others use. And the difference is obvious. This patient, artisan process has been perfected over decades to create intricate flavors and distinctive aromas not found anywhere else.

“My wife and I just ate one of your Old Fashioned Kielbasa that I bought last summer at your smokehouse. I brought it with me when we came West for the winter. It was the best Kielbasa that I have ever had; at least as far as I can remember. No more Hillshire or any other kielbasa.”
- Richard Moore, San Francisco, CA