Original Delicatessen Franks - 3, 1 lb. packages

Made with only the highest quality beef and pork– no fillers – seasoned with garlic and onion. These are hot dogs made the way your great-grandparents enjoyed them.


Like the handcrafted hot dogs of yore, it’s almost sacrilege to cover our old fashioned franks with a bun. Back in the late 1800s, no one ever put a frankfurter on a bun; instead, street vendors gave hot dog patrons a pair of white gloves to hold the frank without burning their hands while they dined curbside (until customers started taking the white gloves home, forcing vendors to switch to less costly buns).

Beef, pork, water, bacon pieces (cured with water, salt, maple syrup, sodium phosphate, sodium erythorbate, brown sugar, sodium nitrate), salt, seasoning (natural spices), dehydrated onion and garlic powder, paprika.

Place in a fry pan with vegetable oil for approximatley 12 minutes turning occasionally.

No Recipe Available.

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