Holiday Ham Leftovers: 3 Wondrous Recipes

Years from now, when you're reliving memories from holidays past, what will come to mind? Hopefully, scenes of the family gathered around the table, a crowded kitchen filled with delicious smells, and sounds of the football game coming through from the living room. It’s unlikely that memories of grocery shopping and meal preparation will stand out among the rest. Although, there’s quite a bit of that in our near future, isn’t there?

As a family-owned operation, we want you to spend more of your precious time on the things that matter most, during the holidays — and, always. To us, that means great conversation over the best food we can possibly prepare, shared with our very favorite people. If you’re on the same page, there are two ways for us to help you win your valuable time back during the most hectic time of year...

The first: preparation. We take the time to handcraft and slow smoke our hams to give you a tender, savory, and fully-cooked starting place. There’s not much more you need to do in order to serve something totally delicious to your family.

The second: We’ve compiled the most tempting holiday recipes with their very own plan for leftovers, so you can make the most of every minute and morsel.

North Country Smokehouse Spiral Sliced Ham

From Cranberry-Glazed Ham to the Ultimate Scones

A glazed and glistening spiral-sliced ham at the center of the holiday table, paired with a tart, sweet cranberry glaze is always irresistible. That same smoky sweetness is the perfect addition to a batch of ham and cheese scones for the next morning’s breakfast. Buttery, flaky pastry, studded with bits of juicy ham and local cheddar melting into every nook and cranny…excuse us while we salivate.

For this route, we recommend an incredibly tender Applewood Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham because the blend of smoky and sweet is perfect for the main event and breakfast the next morning.

North Country Smokehouse Spiral Sliced Ham Skillet

From Guinness-Brined Ham to Genius Breakfast Hash

The holidays are all about classic flavors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a new spin on an old favorite. Case in point: this Guinness-Brined Ham. We took an Applewood Smoked Maple Cured Ham and let it marinade in an Irish Stout and Brown Sugar brine for a few hours before popping it in the oven. The rich, malty stout is the perfect addition to the tender sweetness of the ham and it intensifies the smokiness.

Ham this flavorful deserves a second appearance. Try adding pieces to an Irish-inspired breakfast hash with crispy, salty bits of potatoes, topped with a fried egg or two.

North Country Smokehouse Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

From Ham and Biscuits to the Best Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes it’s best to just let its bold flavor speak for itself. An Applewood Smoked Pit Ham is incredibly lean, insanely flavorful, and slowly smoked. It’s also boneless, so it’s easy to slice and pile high on homemade biscuits, and shared around the table.

Save a few of those biscuits from your holiday meal to create the ultimate ham and biscuit breakfast sandwich, to which we love to add a smear of maple horseradish mustard. Make it your own with an egg, a bit of melty cheese, or even a handful of spinach.

All of this said, the best way to save time? Stay focused on what really matters. Be present. Hug your family.

Happy holidays to you and yours.